ByNatural Bee Venom Facial Trio

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ByNatural proudly produces fresh low molecular peptides for each single batch. Our fresh peptides do not have hidden preservatives, and are always freshness guaranteed.

How To USE:
. For Cleansing: 

Everyday Cleansing: Make sure your hand and face are dry. Rub one pump oil into hand and apply evenly over face. Massage 20 seconds, then massage with wet hand for 10 seconds. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 
Deep Cleansing:  Make sure your hand and face are dry. Rub one pump oil into hand and apply evenly over face. Massage 30 seconds. Cover face with damp & warm towel for 5-8 minutes. Gently wipe with damp warm soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

2. After cleansing pump a small amount serum onto the fingertips and apply a thin layer to lines and wrinkles.  
3. Apply moisturizer after serum dried completely  

It is not recommended to Hyaluronic acid serum alone, as hyaluronic acid may dry out your skin without moisture protection.  

Reveal your natural radiance in 3 steps
Our 3-step skin care system is formulated to work with each other, and promotes best results of each element. 

  • 1st step,  cleans skin thoroughly with Nutri Splash Deep Cleansing Oil, and prepares skin for more nutrients absorption in later steps. Our unique formulation effectively nourishes your skin at the same time of cleansing.

  • 2nd step, soothes and intensively nourishes skin with Bee Venom & Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Special formulation promotes better nutrients absorption.

  • 3rd step, moisturizes and nourishes skin with Bee Venom Moisturizing Cream, one cream for both face and eye. Advanced nutrients delivery system provides an effective path for heathy and balanced nutrients to nourish your skin on cellular level. 

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